October 31, 2009 dolchagarahs

I met my new date last night. We had been chatting for a while. He had broken his foot so we arranged to meet up in an easy place so he could get around. We met not too far from his place in a pub. I got there first so I ordered myself a large glass of wine, for dutch courage of course!! He hopped through the door as I was at the bar, greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. He was hot as!! I was just about to pay for my drink so I asked him what he would like. I am don’t mind paying for the first drink. We sat and chatted about alsorts and got on really well. He was a real catch! I said I would go up to get the next round of drinks. Not a problem, he replied, he would pay for dinner. We chatted some more and seemed to have a lot in common. We walked through to the dinning area and sat down. It was the type of place that you order and cook your own food on a barby. I said it was easier for me to get up and order as it was a bit of a nightmare for him to hop and bring the food back to cook. I brought the food back to the table, after paying for it! He was quite happy to get up and cook the food on one leg!! mmmmmmm I kept thinking to myself, whilst the food was cooking, is he going to give the money or at least half for his? I went to the bar and got us drinks, brought them back to where he was cooking the food. Still no mention of money. mmmmmmm A little rude to say the least! Ok, I could give him the benfit of the doubt, he would put his hand in his pocket and square up with me, surely. once we had sat down to dinner! We sat down and tucked into the food, at least he knew how to cook a steak! We chatted. no jester!! After we finished dinner, we went back through the the lounge. We were getting on really well and having a laugh. He asked if I would like to have another drink, for sure I would. I was enjoying his company and great conversation. He said he needed to pop to the bathroom. Again, I went to the bar, I was a little peeved to say the least. I came to the conclusion, if he didn’t offer to at least pay for the drinks when he came back the table, then I would drink up, make my excuses and leave. He came back and low and behold, nothing!!! I could feel my blood starting to boil. What a nerve. I am no cash machine!! I drank my next drink really fast and made the excuse that I had to be up early in the morning. He said that he had a great night and he would like to see me again. I bet he would!!! All his Xmas’ come at once, a great chick who paid for everything! As if I am going to see him again!! What happened to going dutch!! He has called me twice today and I have ignored him so far. Think I may have to just take the call and tell him what I think!! What do you think?

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